Werk Nu experts

04.12.2009 24.12.2009
models (detail) - Helmut Stallaerts

In September 2009, Z33 invited a number of top professionals from the Flemish workers’ and employer’s organisations for a tour of the “Werk Nu” exhibition. After the tour they were put in front of the camera and asked which work of art they preferred and why.

Through its exhibition projects, Z33 remains in touch with reality and with society. Reflection on social and scientific developments is an essential part of Z33’s mission, which is why we like to involve specialists in every exhibition project.

Expert’s talk is therefore an essential addition to the “Werk Nu” exhibition, a project in which Z33 investigated the ‘work’ concept and its significance in present-day society. Roughly twenty artist’s works caused one to reflect upon the how and why of work in our society and threw a different light on aspects such as flexibility and mobility, but also on motivation, significance, and identity.

At Z33, you can now discover how this was experienced by those who make “work” their everyday work.