Robot, Quo Vadis?

15.12.2016 om 19u15

Debate as part of 'Guidelines for the Human Factor' by designers Henrique Nascimento & Erik Vlemmix

Fabian Baumer and Nort Vlemmix are two philosophers specialised in ethics and consumer society. Within the framework of the exhibition MANUFACTUUR 3.0 they will enter in a structured discussion on the consequences of technology in the present day and near future, reflecting upon how technological advances will have an impact on our societies and the way we will perceive labour in the future.

Thursday, December 15, at 19h15
During the late night opening Nocturne #3 of Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk
In Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33, 3500 Hasselt
Free entrance
Conversation in English 

by  designers Henrique Nascimento & Erik Vlemmix

What if objects could be produced just by talking, while robots are moderators?

According to current predictions, robots will take over more than 5 million jobs over the next 5 years, fully reshaping how we perceive work. This project explores this reality by creating a new labour vision where work becomes a meaning-seeking activity as opposed to the profit- maximizing activities of the past. This implies a radically altered labour logic with automation systems taking care of production and humans redefining their own existence by acts of creation.

The project is an algorithm-based workspace where the robot plays the role of a moderator while humans discuss a relevant topic connected to a real world situation. Under a set of rules for debate, the robot intervenes in the dialogue by providing real time references and balancing the dialogue between humans. While the dialogue occurs, the robot is using voice recognition to extract each word and organize it in a process lead by its relevance. In the middle of the space a hologram functions as a production spot, where the robot, in addition to being the moderator, is constructing a vase through archetypical shapes that are based on the content of the discussion. This project proposes new production models that not re-link the human element across all the stages of production while simultaneously transforming production into a new agora for developing social contracts. 

Within the context of MANUFACTUUR 3.0
part of the art festival Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk

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