Nocturne #3 MANUFACTUUR 3.0

15.12.2016 om 18u00 21u00

During the last late night opening of the TRADEMARKS Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk, Z33 opens the doors of the exhibitions MANUFACTUUR 3.0 and Toegepast 21: The Matter of Facts. You can visit the exhibitions until 21h00 and participate in these special events:  

. Robot, Quo Vadis? Debate as part of 'Guidelines for the Human Factor' by designers Henrique Nascimento & Erik Vlemmix 
. Jenever stories and waste jenever tasting. An evening with Henriëtte Waal
. Printbar with KOPIJ and Guido de Boer
. Serieuze praat: Het Geïllustreerd Blad. Talk by William Ludwig Lutgens   (Toegepast 21) and Wouter Poolman
. Museumrun Stadstriënnale

Thursday December 15, from 18h00 until 21h00
In Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33 in Hasselt
Free entrance

Within the context of MANUFACTUUR 3.0
part of the art festival Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk


18u45 - Serieuze praat: Het Geïllustreerd Blad
Talk by William Ludwig Lutgens and Wouter Poolman (Toegepast 21)

Publisher William Ludwig Lutgens and editor Wouter Poolman discuss the first edition of Het Geïllustreerd Blad, the future of this newspaper and how it financially should proceed.
A beautiful first edition of this newspaper Het Geïllustreerd Blad is available at a very accessible, economical price.
Autograph session afterwards.

19u15 - Robot, Quo Vadis?
Debate as part of 'Guidelines for the Human Factor' by designers Henrique Nascimento & Erik Vlemmix (MANUFACTUUR 3.0)

Fabian Baumer and Nort Vlemmix are two philosophers specialised in ethics and consumer society. Within the framework of the exhibition MANUFACTUUR 3.0 they will enter in a structured discussion on the consequences of technology in the present day and near future, reflecting upon how technological advances will have an impact on our societies and the way we will perceive labour in the future.

20u00 - Jenever stories and waste beer jenever
An evening with Henriëtte Waal (MANUFACTUUR 3.0)

Join us for a delightful evening in the winter cold with the warmth of 'waste beer' jenever tastings and some 'strong' jenever stories.

Z33 invited Henriëtte Waal to distill a 'waste' beer into jenever with the Buitenbrouwerij (Outdoor Brewery) project in cooperation with the local distillery 't Stookkot in Hasselt as part of MANUFACTUUR 3.0.

Jenever and the city of Hasselt are irrevocably linked. Once jenever was the national drink. This changed in 1958 when the laws on distilling at home became restricted after several serious incidents. Today, some distilleries continue the jenever distilling tradition. Others have switched to beer. Unlike jenever, beer has a limited shelf life and once in a while a batch fails. However, this waste beer batch can be redistilled into a jenever with an intrinsic character thanks to the hops of the beer.

Buitenbrouwerij, developed and created by designer and beer brewer Henriëtte Waal, makes a connection between man and landscape. By using a local water supply such as local sources, surface water or rainwater and also local ingredients, Waal develops location based specialty beers in cooperation with local brewers.

18h00-21h00 Print bar with KOPIJ and Guido de Boer
Join the KOPIJ print bar in their MANUFACTUUR 3.0 workspace and check out the work of KOPIJ's (micro) resident Guido de Boer ( You might know him from a.o. Kapitaal Utrecht, High On Type, and his fantastic (typo)graphic work. For KOPIJ he is working the value of distinct typography in the public space and researches the impact of protest and the role typography can play in it.
As part of the exhibition MANUFACTUUR 3.0, KOPIJ continues to work on their Fanlab project.


During the late night evening you can visit the exhibitions:
. MANUFACTUUR 3.0 in Z33 (Hasselt) and C-mine designcentrum (Genk)
. Toegepast 21 in Z33 (Hasselt)

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In the context of MANUFACTUUR 3.0
part of the hybrid art festival Stadstriënnale (City Triennal) in Hasselt and Genk.

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